106 Magic Affirmations for Kids

Affirmations for kids

Affirmations for kids are words your child can use to feel peaceful and calm in any situation. When repeated often (usually for a period of two weeks or more) affirmations help rewire the brain. Think of your brain as a computer and the affirmations as being a new program. Calling affirmations “magic words” appeals to children’s love of fantasy and make-believe.  

What are affirmations?

Magic words will support your child in meditation and help them develop positive thinking/coping skills. Affirmations for kids can be used during meditation, before bed, first thing in the morning, and throughout the day. If your child reads, you might want to write them on slips of paper and tuck them into a lunch-box or a backpack.  If your child is a non-reader, try using stickers, or pictures to remind them of the affirmations. If they like, they can keep their affirmation with them in their palm, pocket, lunchbox or backpack, as a physical reminder of the calm feelings these words bring to their minds and bodies.  

 Here is a list of magic words your child can use to help them feel more positive anytime they need. 

Wee Meditate’s list of affirmations for kids 

Anxiety affirmations

Everything is okay. 
I am safe here. 
Taking slow breaths calms me down. 
I am calm and relaxed. 
Peaceful energy is always around me. 
I am brave. 
I am well wherever I go. 
I think I can, I have a plan. 
I can always handle difficult emotions. 
I can feel peaceful wherever I am. 
Peaceful thoughts, sparkle in my mind, like the light of a thousand stars. 

Bedtime affirmations

I can sleep peacefully. 
I fall sleep quickly and have good dreams.
My body knows how to sleep. 
Sleeping makes me feel healthy and happy. 
I wake up feeling rested each day. 
My dreams are calm and peaceful and make me happy. 
Taking slow, deep breaths helps me fall asleep. 
I am safe when I sleep. 
Sleeping makes my mind and body healthier. 
Peaceful energy surrounds me when I sleep. 
Sleeping is good for me. 

Change/transition affirmations

New things are good things. 
Every chapter of my life has value. 
I am safe wherever I go. 
I am starting a new chapter today. 
Wonderful things are happening in my life. 
Every day is a fresh start. 
I am not alone. 
I am resilient. 
I grow when I am outside of my comfort zone. 
I can handle the changes in my life. 
Adjusting takes time. 
I can adjust to changes that come my way. 
I am flexible. 
Every journey has its own blessings. 
Even if this is hard now, it will get easier. 

Feeling sad affirmations

It’s okay to feel sad.
I can change my thoughts. 
Feelings don’t last forever. 
I am not my thoughts. 
I am not my emotions. 
I don’t need to be perfect. 
I can care for myself. 
I deserve good things. 
I add value to the world. 
I am going to get through this. 
I am important, no matter how I feel. 
I am working on myself. 
I deserve to be happy. 
Even when I am sad, I am still very loved. 

Health affirmations

I am grateful for my body. 
Every day I get stronger and stronger. 
I am kind to my body. 
I love every cell in my body. 
My body loves me. 
Being calm helps me heal. 
My body is my friend. 
Healing light is always around me. 
I am worthy of good health. 
Every day I get stronger and stronger. 
My body repairs itself constantly. 
My immune system is strong. 
I am always well cared for, wherever I am. 
I can be calm even when I am sick. 

School affirmations

I am able to learn. 
I can do hard things. 
It’s okay to make mistakes. 
I work at my own pace. 
It’s okay to not know everything. 
I learn and grow when I make mistakes. 
Making mistakes is part of life.
I am smart. 
I can succeed. 
I learn today and lead tomorrow. 

School-anxiety affirmations

I am safe. 
Everything will be okay. 
Someone is always there to help me. 
I make friends easily. 
I’ve conquered this fear before. 
I am brave. 
I can calm myself with slow, deep breaths. 
I can get through this. 
Even if I feel afraid, I am okay. 

Self-care affirmations

I take care of my mind and body. 
I make healthy choices. 
Nutritious food makes me feel good. 
I listen to my body. 
I give my body what it needs. 
I love and accept who I am. 
I only compare myself to me. 
Choosing to rest makes me feel better. 
Taking time for myself makes me feel calm. 
I keep things that make me happy in my life.
Meditating helps me feel calm. 

Self-confidence affirmations

I matter. 
My voice matters. 
I can do and be anything I choose to be. 
I accept myself for who I am. 
I am a leader. 
I can make a difference. 
I am in charge of my life. 
I have inner-strength. 
I am strong. 
I’ve got this. 
Anything is possible. 

Affirmations for kids are great additions to children’s meditation practices. Try listening to Weasel’s Loving-Kindness Meditation* or Raccoon and the Wishing Well*.


*Only available with a Wee meditate subscription.