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What is Dragon's Meditation Club?

Dragon’s Meditation Club is an email newsletter for parents, teachers, and professionals who work with kids.

DMC includes content written for, and meant to be shared, with kids. 

Little ones will love the short stories, mini meditations and updates on the latest news from Dragon’s World. 

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Cartoon Treehouse

Where is Dragon's Clubhouse?

Dragon’s Clubhouse is nestled deep in the forest, down a winding path lined with wildflowers, where you can hear the gentle sound of the river tumbling over rocks. 

Built into the giant, old oak tree, Dragon’s Clubhouse is a peaceful place where all the forest friends love spending time together. 

Raccoon loves coloring or crafting in the art room.  

Owl is usually in the library, reading a book in his favorite overstuffed chair. 

Mouse loves meditating in the calming corner.

Each email in your inbox is an invitation from your friends to join them for meditation and more.

See you in the Clubhouse!

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