Our content library has five unique areas to offer children a variety of meditative experiences. 
Guided Story Meditations:  
Like a children’s picture book, our guided story meditations weave meditation and mindfulness practices into
engaging stories. Kids can meditate with the Wee Meditatecharacters in the story and then enjoy a short
guided practice at the end. 
Bedtime Stories:
Shorter than our guided meditations, these soothing stories are perfect for bedtime or anytime kids need to
relax. In each magical adventure the Wee Meditate characters explore mindfulness topics in engaging stories
that gently engage and entertain.
Meditation Music and Sounds:  
Our original compositions are designed to help kids relax or fall asleep. 
Movie Theatre:
The ASL movie theatre is where children with hearing loss can watch captioned and signed versions of our content.  
Mini Meditations:
Mini-meditations are perfect for helping kids relax and calm down in a short amount of time.
Not Yet!
We’ve created our website to function like an app so you don’t have to download a thing. That means you can play our meditations on any device (and lock your screen while listening).
Our variety of content and content lengths means your child will always have the 
perfect meditation to meet their needs. 
Guided Story Meditations are between 10-25 minutes long. 
Bedtime Stories are shorter, between 5-10 minutes long 
Mini Meditations are our shortest form content, each under 5 minutes long. 
Original Music and Sounds are an hour long. These are perfect for 
calming background music to ease children into sleep. 
The ASL Movie Theatre features some of our favorite guided story meditations, 
mini meditations, and bedtime stories in both ASL signed and captioned videos.

Wee Meditate is different from most mainstream meditation platforms because not only is it designed specifically for kids, but it teaches meditation through Dragon’s World, a make-believe universe where our forest animal characters meditate and learn alongside your child.

Wee Meditate’s content is representative and inclusive of all children, and meditation is taught in different ways, so it is accessible and meaningful for all children, regardless of ability.

All children love stories, so we teach meditation through imagination, in a storybook world where kids feel safe and comfortable with engaging characters who are just like them. 

While Wee Meditate was created for kids, especially those who still enjoy picture books (ages 3-8), our content can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age.


  1. Our content can be used by parents and caregivers within a single home.
  2. Wee Meditate is great for story time or as a calming activity in preschool and elementary school classrooms.
  3. Hospitals, counselors, and social service agencies find our calming content perfect for helping children navigate challenging circumstances. 

Yes! Meditation and mindfulness are both evidence-based practices. You can learn more about the evidence that supports our meditations here.

Numerous studies have proven that blue light (the kind found in tablets, computers, and smartphones) causes sleep disruptions by resulting in later bedtimes, and less time spent sleeping. We want to keep kids off of screens as much as possible, so the majority of our meditations are in an audio-only format. However, for children with hearing loss, we also offer a growing library of content in ASL and captioned content. This makes our content accessible for all children.

Anytime! Practicing meditation or mindfulness is especially beneficial at bedtime, for stressful events, or when kids are feeling big emotions. We also recommend using story meditations for transitions, waiting times (like doctor’s appointments or hospital waiting rooms), traveling, when your child is feeling overstimulated, and especially when your child is feeling under the weather.

Yes! You can preview some of our favorite content here.

You can cancel a membership at anytime. To do so, log into your account, click on your username, go to my memberships and select cancel.

Wee Meditate was created by an early childhood and meditation teacher with a Master’s Degree in special education. Our characters are diverse and representative of every child. Our content teaches meditation utilizing different modalities, so it is meaningful and accessible for every child. 

We do this in a many ways.  For example, we offer meditations for children who use wheelchairs, have meditations in ASL or captioning for children with deafness/hearing loss, provide meditations that utilize senses other than vision for children who are blind or have vision loss, consider the needs of children with all abilities, and create meditations for children who use service dogs. 

Wee Meditate is a creative group of writers, artists, voice-over artists, musicians, and ASL interpreters, led by Janis Gioia, a certified mindfulness/meditation teacher, Reiki Master, and former early childhood educator with a Master’s Degree in Special Education. Jan, an award winning author, created Wee Meditate, Dragon’s World, and his forest friends, to give children a meditation platform that makes meditation meaningful, accessible, representative, and fun for all children.

Dragon’s Meditation Club is an email newsletter written for, and meant to be shared, with kids. Your kids will love the short stories, mini meditations, and updates on the latest news from Dragon’s World!