The Science Behind Wee Meditate

The Science Behind Meditation

At Wee Meditate, science and research is fundamental to the creation of our content. We want to help kids feel the best they can, inside and out, and we use science to help us actualize these goals. Our content blends ancient meditation practices with the latest findings from researchers all over the world. Over the past few decades, there have been hundreds of studies demonstrating that the centuries-old wisdom surrounding meditation and mindfulness really work, benefiting practitioners in countless ways.

As the base of knowledge surrounding meditation for adults has grown, the evidence that meditation and mindfulness can help kids has grown too. To help you better understand the facts and science behind meditation, we’ve compiled some of the most impressive research findings on meditation and mindfulness. Throughout this article we’ve included links to some of the research studies we have used to guide us in creating evidence-based practices that teach, engage, and calm kids.

There is a seemingly endless array of benefits that meditation and mindfulness can provide, and our content incorporates many of these in a creative, child-centered approach that is the ultimate blend of meditation, science, and fun. In this article we will focus on six research-validated benefits of meditation that we think are especially helpful for kids: less anxiety, greater immunity, enhanced empathy, better sleep, less pain and illness and increased focus.

Less Anxiety:

Almost all kids struggle with anxiety. For some it’s infrequent and situational, for others it’s constant and debilitating. The good news is that study after study show the benefits a meditation and mindfulness practice can have on reducing anxiety in kids, and adults.

Greater Immunity:

Never has immunity been more important than now, with worry about Covid and illness making news headlines and being front and center in most people’s minds. Children, too, are often worried about getting sick.  Like vitamin C and a cup of tea, meditation and mindfulness are great defenses for the mind and body. And thankfully, the latest research suggests this too.

Increased Empathy:

In the increasingly hostile and often violent world we live in, cultivating empathy has never been more important. Teaching children how to be kind to others and love themselves is more than just an important social skill: it’s tantamount to our survival. Like a pebble tossed into a lake, where the ripples go on and on, extending outward, meditation and mindfulness are shown to increase empathy for others and promote loving self-care practices. This helps the child who meditates and all those they meet.

Better Sleep

Everyone knows that kids who get enough sleep do better in school, have increased attention, improved immunity, and better relationships with peers and adults. But knowing these facts doesn’t mean we know how to get kids from tired and overstimulated to well-rested and focused. Fortunately meditation and mindfulness offer sleep solutions for weary kids and parents alike, and research illustrates this too.

Less Pain and Illness:

When kids are sick and in pain, we want to help them feel better fast. While meditation doesn’t promise to cure any illnesses, it is proven to relax the mind and body, reducing pain and stress, which makes us feel better. Further research is being done to show the link between meditation and better health, but one thing’s for sure: meditation and mindfulness help kids through minor maladies like colds and tummy aches and also gives them calming strategies to ease the pain and discomfort of major illnesses like asthma, cancer and other chronic conditions.

Improved Focus:

Improved focus and concentration helps kids do better in school, and also increases their self-esteem and their likelihood of reaching goals. These have big implications for their success in life. Meditation and mindfulness practices are shown to increase focus and concentration and give kids the tools they need to succeed in school, in pursuing their passions, and reaching their dreams.

We hope this article and the links we’ve provided have shown you the facts behind the meditation practices that offer amazing benefits to kids and adults. We know that kids who are less anxious, have greater immunity, increased empathy, better sleep and less pain and illness are happier kids. This leads to happier families and the ripple effect of a kinder, gentler and more peaceful world. Who doesn’t want that?