Better sleep

better sleep


A wonderful thing happens when Mouse meditates: he gets better sleep, night after night.

Before Mouse started meditating, he was tired and cranky during the day. His friends would tell him to go to bed earlier. But that never worked for him. All he would do was lay in bed, feeling stressed, and wide awake.

Mouse was surprised when Owl shared a research study that showed that kids who do mindfulness (meditation) sleep on average, 74 minutes more per night. Mouse decided to give meditation a try. When Mouse began meditating, and doing mindful, self-care activities, his sleep improved. As an added bonus, his mornings are happier too. Mouse doesn’t reach for the snooze button or burrow under his blanket when his alarm goes off.

Meditation makes Mouse rested and eager to start his day.

Mouse told Owl that he firmly believes the studies that show the link between meditation and getting better sleep. Mouse also believes the research that shows how better sleep results in improvements in children’s focus, memory, behavior, and learning.

Now that meditation is part of his life, Mouse looks forward to his bedtime routine. He loves listening to guided meditations, bedtime stories, or soothing music, while he drifts off to sleep.