How to Help Kids with Transition

how to help kids with transitions

Learn how meditation can help kids with transition Transitions can be tough for little ones to navigate, especially during times when routines are more relaxed than normal, like during weekends or seasonal breaks. Transitions can cause a host of negative emotions, like meltdowns and anxiety. Every child is different, but meditation is a simple practice […]

The Impact of Meditation on Children’s Mental Health

the benefits of meditation on children's mental health

Learn how meditation can improve mental health A recent CNN article stated that due to the expiration of pandemic relief funding, school districts in America will soon begin widespread layoffs of teachers, support staff, after-school care, tutors, and mental health service providers.  In Denver, Colorado, loss of this funding threatens the continuance of a pilot […]

What is Moving Meditation? Plus, how kids can easily practice

What is moving meditation

Explore moving meditation Balancing work, family life, and everyday stressors is more of a challenge than ever. Meditation is a great practice to help mitigate the increasingly busy world. But for so many, the thought of sitting quietly for a set period of time isn’t appealing or realistic. Moving meditation is a type of meditation […]

What is World Meditation Day? And, how to make it meaningful for kids

What is world meditation day

Learn about World Meditation Day It seems most of us are overworked, overwhelmed and stressed out. In today’s hustle culture of trying to do more, be more, and have it all, we find ourselves sacrificing the most important things in our lives: time with our children, family and friends, and often our calm, health, peace, […]

The Benefits of Forest Bathing

benefits of forest bathing

Explore the benefits of forest bathing There is an easy way to help kids (and yourself) feel less stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelm. It’s free, doesn’t require a prescription, is readily available, and often overlooked. It’s a practice called forest bathing. Start your plan What is forest bathing? Forest bathing is the practice of being […]

Meditation For Kids Anxiety

meditation for kids anxiety

Discover how meditation can help reduce anxiety in kids According to JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), 20.5% of youth worldwide struggle with symptoms of anxiety. In other words, every 1 in 5 kids globally are experiencing anxiety. This is an increase of nearly 50% since 2012.  With limited mental health resources for kids, […]

7 Common Types of Meditation and How They Help Kids

7 common types of meditation and how they help kids

Learn about the 7 most common types of meditation According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) children as young as eight years old spend, on average, six hours per day on a screen.  Combined with overscheduling, content overload, and the rising mental health epidemic, kids today are more stressed than previous generations. In a world […]

3 Meditation Practices to Help Kids When They’re Sick

3 meditation practices to help kids when they're sick, pink shield on pink background

Explore 3 meditation practices to help kids when they’re sick Some of the most practical uses and benefits of meditation and mindfulness are experienced when a child is ill. Meditation is certainly not the cure for the common cold or flu, but if your little one is in need of a bit of comfort, you […]

5 Signs Your Child is Burned Out (and How to Help)

5 signs your child is burned out (and how to help)

Explore different signs of child burnout Life is hard. Between parenting, work, family and friends, volunteer work, and maybe even caring for aging parents, our plates are full. For the past few years, life seems even harder. We’ve had pandemic stress, rising food prices, and global tension in many places of the world. You may […]

How Meditation Helps With Emotional Regulation

How meditation can help with emotional regulation

Learn how meditation can help kids improve their emotional regulation For a lot of us, emotional regulation is something we do unconsciously. Like for example, remaining calm when a coworker makes a snarky remark about our new hobby. But for some, especially little ones, emotional regulation skills can be harder to develop. The good news? […]