What The Star Michigan QB Can Teach Kids About Meditation

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When you think about football, European or American, you probably don’t think about meditation. But because of J.J. McCarthy, the star quarterback of Michigan, you definitely should. In postgame interviews, articles, and podcasts, McCarthy often shares how his meditation practice helps him on and off the field. He credits meditation with:

4 Ways Mindfulness Eases Separation Anxiety

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Separation anxiety affects all of us at every age and stage: Babies and toddlers, who are fearful of anyone but their primary caregivers. Preschoolers and kindergartners, attending school for the first time. School-aged kids learning to navigate sleep-overs and summer camp. College students, leaving home for university life. Even adults face separation anxiety when moving […]

Why Meditating with a Teddy Bear Calms Kids and Adults

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Looking for the perfect meditation companion for you and your little one? More than beloved toys, teddy bears are a great grounding tool for mindful practices. They soothe young and old with their gentle, calming presence. Thinking about your favorite teddy, or famous bears like Winnie the Pooh, Paddington, or the Care Bears, probably brings a smile to your […]

7 Ways to Slay the Sunday Scaries

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The Sunday Scaries are feelings like anxiety, dread, or unease related to the week ahead. Transitioning from the more relaxed and fun weekend routine to the more structured and hectic weekday routine can be hard. Anxious feelings often begin on Sunday morning and increase as evening approaches.  Sunday Scaries manifest in many ways: stomachaches, headaches, […]

Does Meditation Help Meltdown Kids? Yes!

Does meditation help meltdown kids?

We’ve all been there.  In a grocery store, at the mall, or even in our littles one’s room at bedtime, when it happens…a massive meltdown.  It may be a tantrum when your little one hasn’t gotten their own way:  a piece of candy, staying up later, an extra episode of their favorite cartoon. In an instant doors slam, […]

Back to School Anxiety (Ways meditation and mindfulness can help)

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Going back to school season is filled with changes, transitions, and a lot of emotions. Some are positive, like anticipation and excitement. Others are more difficult, like fear, anxiety, and sadness. For some children, back to school anxiety starts when the school bus rolls around the corner. For others, it lingers all summer and really begins churning when every […]

3 Unexpected Ways Meditation Benefits Kids

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It’s common knowledge that meditation offers research proven benefits like increasing immunity, reducing anxiety, and improving sleep, to name just a few. However, there are several unexpected ways that meditation benefits kids. While these benefits may not be scientifically proven, parents, teachers, and kids themselves, can vouch for their efficacy. 1. Meditation offers kids a […]

Why Guided Story Meditations are Perfect for Kids

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Have you ever noticed how children listen to a story? How they become calm, quiet and focused, and how they hang on to every word? Like a magic portal, stories guide children into different times, where they meet amazing characters and join them on fabulous adventures. Children’s lives are an adventure of sorts as they […]

How to Easily Teach Kids to Meditate

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In a world of near constant stimulation and mental health challenges on the rise in youth demographics, kids need meditation now more than ever. Building meditation into your child’s daily or weekly routine is a great way to combat all of the overstimulation and stressors your child experiences. Meditation looks different for everyone and every […]

Why Your Child Might Not Like Meditating and How to Help

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Rest assured: your child probably likes meditating itself (most kids love to feel calm and peaceful, even when busy playing and having fun) but another factor is influencing their dislike of the practice. Once this outside factor is identified, you can work to eliminate it so your child can truly love their time spent in […]