Is Kid’s Meditation A Trend? Here’s Why It’s Here To Stay

Is kid's meditation a trend

Whether you’re a meditation skeptic or a seasoned pro, chances are you’ve heard about some of the benefits of meditation. From improving sleep quality, boosting overall immunity, to reducing anxiety, the benefits of meditation are truly life changing. For a lot of us, meditation wasn’t part of the conversations about health that we heard growing up. We learned about the importance of cardio, saw the rise and fall of the infamous kale trend and of course, the “got milk” campaign that dominated school cafeterias for decades. But unlike these fads, meditation is a tried and true practice that has been practiced for centuries, long outlasting its current, trendy counterparts.  

Think back to your younger self, maybe elementary school or even in University– chances are you would have benefited from meditation. Maybe building meditation into your routine would have made you feel more secure, in-control, or increased your self-confidence. Thanks to researchers who have been studying meditation for decades, we know that these benefits are scientifically documented.

Unfortunately, these lesser-known benefits are often pushed aside in favor of the more flashy benefits, like meditation being used to help treat insomnia or PTSD. We firmly believe that all benefits of meditation deserve to be discussed and experienced by everyone from adults to young kids.  

Meditation Helps Kids Feel Secure 

In addition to all the normal developmental changes in a child’s life, children often deal with major stressors in their young lives: the divorce of their parents, moving to a new place, the loss of a loved one or pet, or fears about their safety in this increasingly unpredictable world. Meditation offers children a break from the busyness and stress of being a kid.

During meditation, children pause and are able to connect to a focal point, whether it be their breath, a sound, or a story, and just simply be. These moments of calm add up too, especially when done on a consistent basis. The more moments of calm they feel, the greater their sense of security. Meditation gives them real world skills to feel safe and secure wherever they are.  

Meditation Helps Kids Feel In-Control 

In addition to feeling secure in their environment, it is important for kids to feel in control of themselves. The rules, limits, and boundaries that adults put in place help keep children safe, but kids also need to feel a sense of self-control.   

It is particularly important to remember that children often don’t recognize why certain restrictions have been placed on them, oftentimes leading to a build-up of big emotions. Big emotions like these (anger, frustration, and fear to name a few) can make kids feel out of control. No one likes to feel out of control, especially young children who don’t yet have the skills to emotionally regulate the way adults do.

Time spent in meditation teaches kids to accept things without judgment and emphasizes that all feelings are valid. The pause of meditation creates some space between children and their powerful emotions. Over time, kids who meditate on a regular basis may consider more perspectives than their own, be less reactional, and learn how to better self-regulate.  

Meditation Helps Kids Feel Loved 

Most children will sadly experience some form of rejection, interpersonal conflict, or bullying at some time in their lives. Kids may be made to feel less-than by peers, family members, teachers, or other caregivers. Emotional wounds can be very deep and often hurt for a very long period, sometimes becoming inner-scars that last a lifetime. One of the most beautiful things about meditation is that it teaches children how to love themselves, and others too. In meditation children learn that they are worthy of love and acceptance, no matter what.

In a world that often causes even adults to feel like their voices don’t matter, meditation teaches kids that their voice is a powerful tool that can never be taken away from them. In this way, meditation becomes a protective shield of sorts, building a child’s inner-strength and helping them tune out the negative voices swirling around them. Learning these skills from a young age provides children with an invaluable set of skills that will last a lifetime. Whether it be standing up for themselves when confronted by an elementary school bully or navigating conflict in their adult lives, the benefits of meditation will stay with them for a lifetime.

Our content is designed to teach children these skills and more. The representative characters in Dragon’s World face many of the same challenges as your child. Whether it’s low self-esteem from a difficult test or a dealing with a challenging life situation, our story meditations help your child feel seen and provide them with an opportunity to learn and grow right alongside their new forest friends.

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