Strengthen immunity

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Since Weasel started meditating, he feels better. He hasn’t had time to look up the results of a recent University of Florida study that found a correlation between mindfulness meditation and better immunity.  

He also hasn’t read the other studies that show how those who meditate experience better health. Weasel is too busy playing on his tablet or hanging out with his service dog, Henry. 

Weasel has autism and cerebral palsy. Sometimes he gets a bit frustrated and angry, especially when things don’t go the way he expects them too. This used to cause Weasel a lot of stress. The more stress he felt in his mind, the more tension he felt in his body, and the worse he would feel. Weasel would get headaches, and muscle spasms, and then he would be cranky and upset.

But now that he meditates, Weasel’s muscles are more relaxed. He is less frustrated and irritable. Weasel also has fewer colds and sniffles. Weasel meditates after school, at bedtime, and he especially loves to meditate with Henry.

While there may be research that shows how chronic stress and depression can weaken the body, Weasel doesn’t need to read it. He just knows that he feels better since he started meditating.

Weasel wishes every kid knew how good meditation makes you feel.