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Captioned Content

Children with hearing loss will enjoy our growing library of ASL and captioned content.
There’s a beautiful rainbow arching right over where you are. Breathing in the soft colors, with gentle rainbow breaths, will help you unwind and relax anytime you need.
It’s a beautiful day and puffy white clouds are floating across the clear, blue sky! Taking gentle breaths and imagining the clouds making pictures in the sky will help you quiet your mind and reset for the day.
Imagine you have a warm cup filled with something yummy like hot chocolate, tea or noodles. Yum! When you use your gentle breaths to cool your cup, you will learn to control your breath and feel more grounded.
Pick your favorite flower! Imagine breathing in its beautiful fragrance as you gently calm your mind and body.
Relax your mind and body by blowing out imaginary candles on your favorite birthday cake. This mini-meditation will help you recenter after a long day. What a treat!
Imagine breathing in the soft blue color of the sky and feeling it move throughout your body. This mini meditation is good for calming anxiety and soothing pain.
Take a relaxing break by imagining your tummy as a balloon! This exercise is perfect for managing big emotions and calming down quickly.
Fox’s friends are gathering their school supplies, but Fox’s backpack is already full…of worries. Luckily, Dragon’s got a magic carpet and a visualization meditation ready to help Fox calm his fears and get ready to enjoy a wonderful first day of school.
In this visualization meditation, Deer and Dragon walk past the river on a beautiful fall day. A perfect story for an imaginative journey or to explore a moving meditation.
After a busy day playing in the snow, Deer is tired, and getting a wee bit cranky. When she and Dragon find a magic crystal cave, and a mysterious white wolf, Deer learns how meditating with something she can hold makes her feel like herself again.
It’s Bear’s birthday and his friends are planning a surprise party! But Bear gets anxious and can’t speak well when he’s in the spotlight. When Dragon uses a bit of magic, Bear remembers his own magic…meditation…and he has the best birthday ever.
Dragon’s ready to read Raccoon a bedtime story, but Raccoon can’t choose a book. She travels through the forest, visiting her friends, to find the perfect story to help her fall asleep.
Raccoon and Dragon are looking at the sky and it makes Raccoon sad. The star pictures aren’t connected. With a pair of wings and a magic sky-writer marker, Dragon has Raccoon covered, and he helps her make pictures in the sky.
As Fox hurries home to eat his fresh-picked berries, someone invisible is playing tricks on him. Fortunately, they become very good friends.
Owl is up and feeling lonely until he makes a new friend, the moon, who keeps him company all through the night.
As twilight falls, Dragon walks through the forest with his magic wand and a bag of crystals. When he returns home, the forest is lit with sparkling and soft gentle light. Little ones will take comfort in the magical way Dragon lights the darkness and makes night time seem gentle and cozy.
One evening Mouse meets a group of fireflies. He says good evening, but they say it is morning. Then they invite him to the land of the fireflies and Mouse discovers how they get their beautiful glow.