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In Dragon's World, meditation is accessible for all his friends

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Bedtime Stories

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Mini Meditations

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Based on science. Created for kids.

We know using evidence-based practices is important to you. It is to us too. That’s why our content is based on the latest research on meditation and mindfulness practices.

Benefits of Meditation

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Less anxiety

When Fox meditates, he feels calm and relaxed, and much less anxious.

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Increased immunity

Meditation is Weasel’s Super Power! Meditation makes Weasel feel less frustrated and irritable, and he also has fewer colds and sniffles.

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Less pain & illness

Owl loves how meditation relaxes his mind and body. Meditation reduces his pain, and helps him feel better when he is sick.

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Enhanced empathy

Meditation has taught Bear about empathy and self-compassion. This makes him a better friend to others, and himself.

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Better sleep

Meditation helps Mouse fall asleep and rest more deeply. With better sleep, Mouse is eager to start his day full of energy.

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Improved focus

With a calm mind and body, Bunny can focus on things that matter to her, like learning new things or reading her favorite book.

Creative content accessible for all

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Meditating with Dragon and his friends is easy and engaging in these calming stories. Like listening to a picture book, with meditation techniques woven throughout the narrative, children meditate alongside their favorite characters.

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Imaginative tales with Dragon and his friends, gently ease children into sleep.

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Our original, soothing soundscapes encourage relaxation in the mind and body.

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Children with hearing loss will enjoy our growing library of ASL signed and captioned content.

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Mini-Meditations offer short mindful practices to help kids relax, calm down, and manage big emotions in a small amount of time.